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Wine Country

This is a reflection on a glutinous trip I took with my mother almost a year ago. But before that let’s have a rant, shall we?

Food is cathartic. I think it’s funny that “emotional eating” is called a problem because food is so laden with meaning to me. I’m writing this post right now, not only because Spring Break is around the corner and I’m heading back to Wine Country, but also because I am frustrated. Synopsis: crazy college roommate problems. And I know in a couple of years, I will most definitely look back on this situation in laughter. But in order to calm myself down I tried talking to my mother—the same one I went on the original trip to Napa aka Wine Country with. Didn’t work. Then I started staring at, which obviously made me feel better, and then I came across this really great post from a foodie in Singapore making stuffed mushrooms, and it was SO cute and quirky that I was just like hot shit I need to write. So hi :)

I’m not too sure of whether or not I have problems because even just looking at pretty pictures of good food makes me feel better — fugetabout eating it. Although, that does the trick too ahaha.

I went to Napa, with real insight as to what food really is, for my lovely mother’s birthday, which happens to be St. Patty’s day! YEAH! Here’s a picture of her looking absolutely too cute on the Bouchon Bakery bicycle.

Yountville is a verifiable culinary destination with a philosophy of concerning food and wine that is so organic. Not the ridiculous and stupid USDA definition of Organic, but the natural and innate idea of organic. Confused? See Wendall Berry’s numerous essays. Ever since Thomas Keller landed in Yountville with The French Laundry, this place has been on the map.

However, we decided to go to a much more beautiful chef’s ristorante — e’ vero — we went to Bottega by Michael Chiarello. I hope you’re ready to be bombarded with photos!

Variations of bruschetta. Sweet and savory yumness :)

Raviolo. Stuffed with ricotta, spinach, and an egg yolk. Gnocchi pasta. Sage. Truffles. Quite rich, and surprisingly difficult to eat through. :/

^ Best gnocchi I’ve ever had. Gnocchi, baby spring vegetables, english pea puree, and parm. True story.

^eggyolkporn. YES. Want more?

Seriously amazing atmosphere and interior work at Bottega. Literally the most beautiful restrooms ever. Also, I caught a sneak peak of Chiarello himself having a business lunch. He’s sexier in person than on television, that’s for sure!

I can honestly, and openly, tell you that major food comas occurred that day. In fact, we ended up driving to this majestic Castle winery and PTFO-ing for a solid two hours. But that was only after we also ate creme brulee at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

Oh and we rounded out our naps with some goodies from Bouchon!

Maybe you could say no to this?


^ That right there is the original bouchon, folks. Rejoice in it’s half eaten glory. Cause it was all mine. And to also be perfectly honest — I have NO clue about what a bouchon even is. However, I do know that it is yummy.

Did we finish there? NEVER. We went on to Chilayo for dinner — look at my older posts if you want a Mexican hot spot to hit up in the city.

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