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Rainy night adventures in LA! (okay…this was kind of a long time ago.)

I’ve been busy-duh-which is why I haven’t posted in a long time. So this post was actually supposed to happen a coupla months ago. Oops!

More and more, I’m amazed to find GOOD vegetarian food lurking in the places where I’d thought least possible. Namely any Asian restaurant. Let’s be honest :)

However, this last year I did learn the error in my ways (as you can tell by my other Asian food inspired post!) In high school, sure I understood that there was China and Japan but what about all those other countries drifting in the South? I knew nothing. This is my hello to Korea. And I’m more than 100% positive that I’m not doing Korean culture justice, but this is just the beginning! So lets get past all this gushy crap and get down to the dirty—BCD Tofu House. A haven and heaven for anyone and everyone—are you hungover? did you just break up with your boyfriend? is it cold and rainy? do you want some amazing food? If you answered YES to one of those questions then chances are that you will LOVE BCD! (We—being my amazing roommate K, good friend A, and I—said yes to is it cold and rainy, just in case you were wondering. And to all you East Coast haters, it totally does get cold and rainy in LA. haha.)

Anyways, BCD is a famous chain of restaurants that specialize in tofu ‘curry.’ They do have a vegetarian option, which you can order spicy that is the perfect cure to anything. And it’s super fun and interactive ‘cause you get to break an egg into your little hotpot!

Yummyyy! It also comes with a little bowl of rice, and numerous small plates of other Korean appetizers for a decent price.

After BCD, we decided to go to Syrup, which is this novel creperie hangout. Syrup is kind of a novel little place to hang out because they have a built in loft with a bunch of couches and board games, and of course amazing desserts and drinks! I had the Chocolate Covered StrawberriesCrepe with fresh strawberries, chocolate raspberry mousse ice cream, amaretto, and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. Talk about heaven! I’ve gone back as many times as possible and never been disappointed! They also have a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches that are delicious!

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